Founded in 1970 by Claude Couture, Couture Electro, a family business that has quickly earned a solid reputation in the world of appliance repair out of warranty. With 46 years of experience, Couture Electro team enjoys solid expertise.
Offer our customers a repair service out of warranty top quality at a reasonable price and in the shortest possible time. Service within 24 hours.
Our technicians are regularly trained to follow the rapid development of new devices. The Rule of 3 “C” Electro Couture: Our technicians are: Conscientious, Competent, Courtois.
Our fleet consists of hybrid vehicles. In addition, our mission we help to reduce the ecological footprint by extending the life of your appliances.
Making you a satisfied customer.

Couture Electro word from Founder

Dear customers,

Born into a numerous and modest but proud family, the first washer is I repaired my mother. With 14 children let me tell you that when the washer was not working, it was the end of the world. I realized since that’s what I wanted to do later. Gradually with the help of my wife, I have built my company in the optics to deliver an outstanding and highly personalized service. Even today, 46 years later, our technicians must respect the guideline on which our business.

Thank you for your confidence.

Claude Couture