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Before you call

To save you an unnecessary trip, first consult our little guide. It could save you a lot of money.

Number of service calls are placed to a closed valve for a blown fuse or a poorly-connected device.

We are not here to sell you a service call at all costs, but to give you a professional service.

Some stoves has a mode “Sabbath” which makes possible the use of the stove. Consult your instruction booklet, it will tell you how to disable it.

Consult your instruction booklet it will tell you the source of the error, follow the instructions if any. You can also unplug the unit for at least 1 hour. If these tips do not help you solve the problem, call us.

Consult your instruction booklet it will explain how to add or remove degrees at the selected temperature, typically + / 50 degrees.

If this advice does not help to solve the problem, call us.

Try to start a cleaning cycle, wait 45 minutes and stop the cycle.

If this advice does not help to be paid the problem, call us.

This is a classic case easily repairable.

The frost free refrigerator is not yet invented. Our modern fridges are pretty automatic defrosting. Who says said defrost necessarily water. When all goes well, the water takes a pipe provided for this purpose. For various reasons, it can become clogged. Sometimes certain models of refrigerators must change this line to eliminate the risk of recurrence. Only a competent technician can solve this problem.

This is another classic case easily repairable and relatively inexpensive. There is nothing you can do yourself, call us, we have all what it takes in our vehicles * to quickly resolve this issue. Do not stop the device is very important.

Immediately unplug the unit and call us, 9 times out of 10 this problem is easily fixable. We have all the necessary equipment in our vehicles.

Make sure the smell does not come from a forgotten food. There in the fridge, a reservoir for receiving the defrost water, over the years, it can build up of mold deposits.

Is the valve under the sink open?

The door is closed?

In most devices, there is a float forward in the vessel is blocked?

If these tips do not help you solve the problem, call us.

Check your home drain pipe, is blocked?

The drain hose from the dishwasher may be squashed or kinked!

If these tips do not help you solve the problem, call us.

Before starting the unit, run water in the sink until it is hot.

Rinse your dishes before you put it in?

Your water heater should be set between 120 and 140 degrees F?

He remains in the water after the cycle The interior?

Is the liquid rinse empty container?

If these tips do not help you solve the problem, call us.

Modern devices sometimes display an error code during a malfunction. Consult your owner’s manual, there is a good chance that your code is found there. If using the manual is not sufficient, please contact us.

One of the main causes that make a front load washer flows, it’s the use of a soap that is not ET. Make sure the HE logo is reflected well on your containing soap. There should not be any foam (almost) inside your washer. Check the rubber gasket on one end. Also check out or drain hose enters the wall. If these tips do not help you solve the problem, call us.

Several causes possible here. Your drain hose is it jammed or bent behind your device? Estelle door firmly closed (vertical Washer)? Is screener cleaned (front?). If an unusual noise occurs when emptying, please call us.

Your clothes are they distributed?

Washer will empty it completely you?

Make sure the cover is closed and / or locked.

Otherwise the device is probably broken, call us.

Are the water inlet valves open?

Is it possible that the water pipe is frozen?

In each of the hoses there is a small fence, make sure it is clean.

If these tips do not help you solve the problem, call us.

If your dryer becomes unusually hot, there are a few things you can check yourself.

Check that the air circulation is good. For this you can check behind the machine that the hose is not squashed or kinked. Is the output outside bite? The spring, many birds like to nest. The lint filter is clean it regularly?

If these tips are not enough, there is attention to potential danger, unplug the appliance and call us.

Check circuit breaker or fuse for current input.

Is the temperature control to “AIR” or “AIR FLUFF”?

If these tips do not help you solve the problem, call us.

Immediately unplug the unit and call us!

Once a year, we strongly recommend you to do a complete maintains your dryer.

Couture Electro and dryer offers a cleaning service for $ 59.95 all inclusive.

However if parts are needed, they will be charged. A clean machine works better and uses less power.