With us, no surprises!
Travel costs: $ 59.95

Our exclusive free estimate

At the first visit of our specialist to your home, it will perform a full scan of your machine. After determining the exact problem, they will contact you the cost of your repair. If for whatever reason you do not fix it, you only pay travel expenses.

Flat rate for labor

Unlike our competitors we do not charge by the minute or quarter of an hour. You know in advance the exact price of the total cost of repair. Should the need to go back a second time to install a commissioned piece, of course, you do not re-pay travel expenses.

Reduced rate for the second unit if it applicable.

We use only new parts and offer the manufacturer’s warranty on all our parts installed.


Cleaning and maintenance dryer.

Your dryer is a highly requested unit and which, if poorly maintained presents a potential danger. The lint screen is unfortunately unable to filter any lint and it is likely that the interior is full. This presents a real risk of fire.

Maintenance is recommended at 24 months.

For $ 59.95 (plus tax) * we offer a complete cleaning of your device. This cleaning will prolong its life and improve power consumption. By the same token, our technician will inform you if any of the parts to change to prevent possible problems. We will clean the air vents of the motor, which will prevent it from overheating.

We will check every appliance bearing system and the belt.

Call us and give second life to your clothes dryer.

$ 49.95 if the technician is already at home.

* Plus parts if necessary.